How to Create Heart-Based Hospitality – Part 10

Part 10

Empathy and Compassion

In the future, the guest experience will be strong in loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, and it will be created by working with energy and by developing spiritual capacity.

Showing empathy and compassion to guests is an essential part of Heart-Based Hospitality. Part 10 explains in detail what empathy and compassion mean; how they are different; and how to put them into practice. The unit also provides an abundance of activities to help you to develop your spiritual capacity to show kindness and compassion and to increase your desire to show these qualities more and more.

Showing compassion increases the happiness and well-being of the giver and receiver. When we allow ourselves to care compassionately for others, the profound act of kindness refills the heart spiritually, energizes the body, and nourishes the souls of the giver and receiver. In the moment of opening our heart to others, we recognize the immense healing power of compassion, and the giver and receiver reconnect with life and love.

It is impossible to know how much good can come from a single act of compassion. Every human being has a great gift to care, to be compassionate, to become present to the other, to listen, to hear, and to receive. If we all released our gift to show compassion every day, the world would be transformed. Compassion has a healing effect on the giver and the receiver. Show compassion to everyone you meet with the intensity of a mother who is concerned about the wellbeing of her child.

I hope that Part 10 will help you to become happier and more loving, kind, caring, and compassionate to others.

Section 10.1: What Does Empathy Mean?
1.5 hours
Section 10.2: Empathy Can Change the World
1.5 hours
Section 10.3: Showing Empathy to a Guest on Arrival
1 hour
Section 10.4: How a Young Boy Showed Empathy
1 hour
Section 10.5: What Would You Say to Show Empathy?
1 hour
Section 10.6: What Is Compassion?
1 hour
Section 10.7: In Compassion You Think of the Needs and Feelings of Others
1 hour
Section 10.8: Practise Selfless Compassion
1 hour
Section 10.9: Reach Out and Show Compassion to People
1.5 hours
Section 10.10: Why People Need Compassion?
2 hours
Section 10.11: Learn to Be Lonely by Beyonce
1.5 hours
Section 10.12: The Story About Shaya
1.5 hours
Section 10.13: Compassion Shown to a Boy Who Wanted to Be a Fireman
1.5 hours
Section 10.14: Carry Out Often Small Acts of Kindness and Compassion
1.5 hours
Section 10.15: The Suffering That People Hide and the Scars They Wear
1.5 hours
Section 10.16: Showing Compassion to a Dying Woman
1.5 hours
Section 10.17: A Compassionate Taxi Driver
1.5 hours
Section 10.18: All That We Can Give – A Story About Compassion
1.5 hours
Section 10.19: How a Child Showed Compassion to a Grieving Elderly Man
1.5 hours
Section 10.20: Compassion Creates Miracles
1 hour
Section 10.21: Something to Make Me Happy
1.5 hours
Section 10.22: Practise Self-Compassion
1.5 hours
Section 10.23: The Meaning of Self-Compassion
2 hours
Section 10.24: Love Yourself
Section 10.25: Five Steps to Loving Yourself
1 hour

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How to Create Heart-Based Hospitality – Part 10
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