Practical, Effective, and Inspiring Leadership Actions to Create Heart-Based Hospitality

Who Is the Course For?

This workshop is for Team Leaders, Supervisors, and Senior Managers to develop the leadership skills, attitudes, and behaviours needed to support the process of creating a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience.

The Main Focus of the Workshop
This workshop supports the process of creating a Heart-Based Hospitality hotel guest experience, which is strong in unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. It focuses on 16 essential areas of leadership that are essential when creating a soft and gentle Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience.

The workshop also trains the participants how to be more inspiring and it encourages them to want to be so. It is a very practical and inspiring workshop that makes it very clear to the leaders what leadership actions, practices, and behaviours are needed to create Heart-Based Hospitality.


The workshop content is what leaders should be doing in order to be effective as leaders; to support the hotel’s vision; to be inspiring; to adapt to the changing times; and to increase revenue.

It is a “nuts and bolts”, practical kind of leadership workshop for leaders – 100% practical and down to earth, meeting the daily needs of the operation; and there is nothing theoretical about it. If leaders practise the contents continuously, they will have a major impact on the operation, particularly in a hotel that is creating Heart-Based Hospitality.

The workshop has been created to support Heart-Based Hospitality and to help a hotel to move on from SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

It includes a lot of articles with an abundance of ideas, videos, stories, and some songs to help the participants to provide the kind of leadership needed to create Heart-Based Hospitality; and to inspire the participants to want to raise themselves to a higher level of leadership.

Heart-Based Hospitality Has a Soft Spirit of Service
Creating Heart-Based Hospitality is about softening the spirit and energy of the hospitality experience by infusing everything one does with the spiritual core values of hospitality, namely, unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. At this level, everything that the employees does aims to touch the heart of the guests, even mundane tasks, such as placing a cup of coffee next to the guest. Everything becomes an energetically and spiritually strong experience that creates warm feelings.

This change from the traditional, narrow focus on rather emotionless standards of performance (SOPs) about quality and efficiency to a focus on creating, Heart-Based Hospitality requires new leadership skills, behaviours, and actions as it cannot be created in the usual traditional ways.

This is where the money will be made over the coming years, and being able to create a hospitality experience that is very high in emotional value and strong in warm heart energy will become essential for a hotel to be competitive and successful.

The New Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Leaders Need
Hotel leaders who are used to being traditional-style managers will not be able to create such a hospitality experience. Heart-Based Hospitality requires leaders to be able to deepen their Team Members in the core values of hospitality (unconditional love, loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care); to be able to touch their hearts so that they want to create a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience; to know how to plan their own day so that everything is focused on such a guest experience; to study some science in order to understand the nature of thought energy and heart energy as Heart-Based Hospitality is also created by knowing how to change the body’s energy so that it emits tangibly warmer energy; to know how to clear the energy blocks in their Team Members so that they have greater self-confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem; and much more.

This workshop teaches leaders the skills and knowledge needed and develops the abilities they need to create a hospitality experience beyond what one encounters in a typical SOP-Customer Satisfaction hotel.

The Typical Weak Areas of Leaders
This is not a typical hotel leadership skills workshop. Apart from the above, it also addresses the typical weaknesses of hotel Team Leaders and Department Heads, including the important leadership actions and activities that they often do not carry out.

These are addressed in 16 important areas of leadership, which include: how to make the hotel’s vision become reality; how to be an inspiring leader; how to adapt to the changing times; how to increase revenue; how to develop the “soft” side of the business; how to increase the feeling of well-being and happiness of one’s Team Members so that they feel motivated and happy; how to train skills and core values at the same time; how to coach so as to focus on both the job skills and core values; how to increase the heart energy of one’s Team Members; how to connect with one’s Team Members’ hearts and win them over; amongst other areas.

If the Leaders practise the contents of the workshop continuously, they will have a major impact on the hotel operation, and one would expect both the hotel to become famous for its guest experience, and the leaders’ market value to increase.

It is a nuts-and-bolts, very practical kind of leadership workshop, 100% practical and down to earth, which meets the daily needs of the operation. There is nothing boring and theoretical about it.

The 11 Elements

In hotels that have decided to create Heart-Based Hospitality, the leaders will be trained in the 11 Elements (the long-term support system of leadership activities for creating Heart-Based Hospitality) so that they can deepen their Team Members in the core values above, and thereby develop in them the desire to practise them and to create a Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience.

Part 1: Leaders … Make the Core Values Clear in People’s Minds!
2.5 hours
Part 1 looks at the importance for a leader of knowing the property’s mission statement and vision statement, and of ensuring that their team members know what they should do to make the statements a reality in their team and department. It is particularly important that the team members understand deeply the spiritual nature of the property’s core values and that they should infuse them into every aspect of the hospitality experience they create. Part 1 provides an important way to deepen the teams in the core values of Heart-Based Hospitality by using the Core Values Deepening Programme. Leaders can replicate the method.This programme is one of the 11 Elements which provide all the materials leaders need in order to create Heart-Based Hospitality and to infuse the hospitality experience with the main core values of Heart-Based Hospitality, which are loving-kindness, compassion, heart-warming care, and unconditional love. The 11 Elements are provided to hotels that want to implement Heart-Based Hospitality.
Part 2: Leaders … Focus!
2.5 hours
Part 3: Leaders … Provide Opportunities for Growth!
2.5 hours
Part 4: Leaders … Love to Introduce New Ideas and Create New Markets!
2.5 hours
Part 5: Leaders … Aim to Leave a Legacy!
2.5 hours
Part 6: Leaders … Are Always Positive and Optimistic!
2.5 hours
Part 7: Leaders … Get Rid of Old Ideas!
2.5 hours
Part 8: Leaders … Don’t Hide Their Passion!
2.5 hours
Part 9: Leaders … Create Waves on the Still Pond!
2.5 hours
Part 10: Leaders … Focus on the Emotional Side of the Business!
2.5 hours
Part 11: Leaders … Understand the Importance of Energy!
2.5 hours
Part 12: Leaders … Are Always Active!
2.5 hours
Part 13: Leaders … Know They Can Make a Difference!
2.5 hours
Part 14: Leaders … Humanise the Role of Leader!
2.5 hours
Part 15: Leaders … Make Mistakes and Even Fail!
2.5 hours
Part 16: Leaders … Develop Their Team Members!
2.5 hours

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Practical, Effective, and Inspiring Leadership Actions to Create Heart-Based Hospitality
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