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How to Make Heart-Based Hospitality Work

The three people who drive the change process are: The General Manager, the Director of Human Resources, and the Training Manager. Most of all, though, it needs the support of the General Manager. The General Manager should understand the concept and really want it implemented in his hotel.

Usually, the General Manager already feels that something is missing in and wrong with the SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept. It helps a lot if the General Manager believes that true hospitality is based in unconditional love and understands that love is missing in SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

The cream on top of the cake is that the General Manager can accept the science about the energetic nature of the world and also that human beings have a spiritual nature, which can be developed.

The active support of the Director of Human Resources and the Training Manager (or whatever their positions are called) is needed because they will ensure that the support programme, The 11 Elements, is carried out by the Department Heads. This programme enables Heart-Based Hospitality to take root and for the roots to grow after the initial Heart-Based Hospitality workshops.

Usually, there are one or two Department Heads in the senior management team who will not support the implementation process from the beginning. Generally, this may be either the Director of Engineering or the Financial Controller or both, but sometimes the Director of Engineering is the biggest supporter because he may be in his late-fifties and has learned the relevant scientific knowledge about energy over the years and has a strong awareness of the spiritual nature of human beings.

There is usually no problem with gaining the support of the general employees for Heart-Based Hospitality.

Going back to the General Managers, finding General Managers described above is very difficult. Finding corporate office people who can accept and believe in the above seems to be as likely as winning the national lottery. Over the years I have written to over 800 corporate office leaders and none has ever shown any interest. This is why I think that the hotel industry may have to wait until another generation of hotel group leaders and General Managers appears before energetic and spiritual hospitality will start to be accepted. Until then, the corporate-driven SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept will continue to be the norm.

The Covid-19 virus has increased this likelihood because the major hotel groups want the industry to move in the direction of contactless service, which will sound the death knell for true hospitality. But I believe that if contactless service catches on, there will eventually be a backlash against this direction, which will bring about change and calls for a hospitality concept that meets the emotional, spiritual, energetic, wellness, and healing needs of human beings.

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