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For Group Learners
    • The Hotel provides 20 - 29 learners per month. A 15% discount per course will be provided on the total amount.
    • Additional learners can sign up during the month up to 29 participants.
    • The learners can have access to one of the 11 Parts of the course per month. Then the membership period of one month will expire.
    • However, if the participants cannot complete the course within the month, please let us know and we will extend the period for the group.
    • Similarly, if the group finishes a course within the month, which can happen with the 10-hour courses, please let us know and we will start the following month early once the payment has been received.
    • The price charged each month will vary each month according to the price of the course being studied and the number of participants. "FREE" shown above means: "No registration fee is charged."
    • For the sake of efficiency, the hotel will transfer in one lump sum the payments of all the learners.
    • The Hotel will provide us with the number of participants for the following month before the end of the month.  If the number of participants drops to 15-19 participants, the discount will change to 10%.
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