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This online learning website is connected to the Heart-Based Hospitality website. Click here.  It provides the 11 oline Heart-Based Hospitality courses referred to there. 

The Covid-19 virus has moved face-to-face learning in workshops to learning online.  More and more customer service organisations and hospitality providers will move their employee training online, and people who want to develop themselves will learn online.

We provide a wide variety of hospitality industry and customer service online courses. They are suitable for people with both little experience and many years of experience.


You can read a few testimonials about the effectiveness of the Heart-Based Hospitality workshops here. These courses are available online here in much more detail with more information, heart-warming stories, and videos that move the heart.

Subscription Rates for the Online Courses

We offer discounts for the following scenarios. They only apply to the Heart-Based Hospitality courses though.

  •  Individuals who study several courses.
  • Hotels and companies that wish to have many of their employees learn our online Heart-Based Hospitality courses.

Click here for the Courses and Learning Plans.

Heart-Based Hospitality Courses

The Heart-Based Hospitality courses are unique to this website because they were created by Peter McAlpine who created the concept. The series of 11 workshops are based on the in-house workshops that he carried out in hotels in many countries until the virus outbreak brought the hotel industry to a standstill in 2020.  Many hotels won international awards after implementing Heart-Based Hospitality. You can find information about Peter McAlpine here.

Hotel Recognition

Over the years, many hotels where Heart-Based Hospitality workshops have been carried out, have won accolades and awards within their country or internationally for the nature of their guest experience. This includes the much sought-after World Travel Awards up to the level of World’s Leading HotelYou can find more information about how hotels have benefitted from the workshops here.

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