How to Create Heart-Based Hospitality – Part 7

Part 7

Sending Love Energy

In the future, the guest experience will be strong in loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, and it will be created by working with energy and by developing spiritual capacity.

Part 7 is about the beautiful technique and experience of sending love energy. Sending love energy is very simple and it is a wonderful way to make yourself feel happier. You will learn how to send love energy; the benefits of sending it; the benefits for the guests and for the energy of the hotel; and how it helps to create the Heart-Based Hospitality experience.

When you send love energy you increase the frequency of your body’s vibration. You feel happier and peaceful in your heart area. The energy reaches the person to whom you are sending it immediately. When you send love energy it increases the energy vibration of the sender and the receiver while also changing the energy of the places where the sender and receiver are.

By sending love energy hotel staff can exert an energetic effect on guests, guest rooms, and guest facilities. We live in a universe that is made of vibrating energy and energy fields. The world isn’t solid. All human beings are made of vibrating and spinning energy. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and intentions are vibrating energy that travels through the energy that is everywhere and they affect everything energetically. Hotel staff can use this knowledge to influence how they and the guests feel.

Showing love, kindness, compassion, and care helps to transform us spiritually and to make us happier. Our eyes become more beautiful and our body language softens as our heart becomes more loving and peaceful. The secret to becoming more beautiful is to show more and more loving-kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care each day. Sending love energy regularly will help you here.

The following GDV camera photographs show the effect on the aura of the sender after sending loving-kindness and blessings over 30 minutes during an energy-sending meditation. You can see how the sender’s aura has been strengthened.

I hope that you find Part 7 enlightening and inspiring.























Section 7.1: The Effect of Showing Love, Kindness, Compassion, and Care on Our Telomeres
1.5 hours
Section 7.2: The Effect on the Aura of Feeling Love Part 1 of 2 - Before
1 hour
Section 7.3: The Effect on the Aura of Feeling Love Part 2 of 2 – Afterwards
1.5 hours
Section 7.4: The Effect of Sending Love Energy
1 hour
Section 7.5: The Effect of Sending Love Energy
1 hour
Section 7.6: A Photograph of Energy Being Sent
1 hour
Section 7.7: A GDV Camera Showing Love Energy Being Sent
1 hour
Section 7.8: We Are All Connected Energetically
1 hour
Section 7.9: Yogic Farming
1 hour
Section 7.10: The Effect of Meditation on Water
1 hour
Section 7.11: The Power of Intention
1.5 hours
Section 7.12: How to Send Love Energy
1.5 hours
Section 7.13: The Peaceful Benefits of Sending Love
1 hour
Section 7.14: The Outward Effect of Showing Loving-Kindness
1 hour
Section 7.15: Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment
1.5 hours

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How to Create Heart-Based Hospitality – Part 7
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